Another Catch-Up Post

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Sorry we’ve gone missing, but it’s been a busy several days. Here’s a recap:

Tuesday the 3rd – Ran several errands, primarily getting ready for Frontier Days here at Fort Toulouse.

Wednesday the 4th – Volunteered for Frontier Days. Malcolm parked cars, Val helped around where she could. It was warm and sunny. Good turnout.

Thursday the 5th – Volunteered for Frontier Days. Malcolm parked cars, Val helped around where she could. Very warm (record high temperature for the day at 88 degrees). Good turnout.

Friday the 6th – Volunteered for Frontier Days. Rain drizzles off and on, but still fairly warm. Pretty good turnout. Val worked with unloading and loading buses. Malcolm parked cars.

Saturday the 7th – Volunteered for Frontier Days. The threat of rain scared off our usual Saturday crowd, which made it nice and manageable. Val worked at the front gate, Malcolm directed traffic and helped park cars.

Sunday the 8th – Went to church in Prattville. Ate lunch out then headed back to the trailer to organize things.

Monday the 9th – Val dropped Malcolm off at work in the morning then headed into Montgomery to do some shopping and laundry. Malcolm hitched a ride into town with a co-worker at lunch (and bought his lunch) to meet Val and drive her back to the trailer. Malcolm worked the rest of the afternoon at the office.

Tuesday the 10th – Malcolm drove Val up to our friends, the Miltons, and dropped her off then headed on into work. Val cooked our Thanksgiving turkey there and carved it up to put in storage containers. Once home, we put them in the freezer. Val stayed all day and Malcolm drove over after work. During the evening, it was the prayer shawl ministry get-together. We both headed on home after that.

Today – Malcolm worked at the office all day while Val cleaned around the trailer and got things ready to go for travel tomorrow.

Tomorrow we head down to Panama City to visit our son and go to the Air Force Thanksgiving lunch on base on Friday.


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