Heading West for Plates

Current Location: Cajun RV Park, Biloxi, Mississippi

We had a fun few days visiting with our son, David, in the Panama City area. We enjoyed having Thanksgiving lunch on base with he and many of his fellow Air Force members. We also enjoyed going out to eat meals with David and just generally getting to visit with him.

This morning before we packed up to leave we drove into Panama City to meet him for breakfast. After breakfast, we headed back and hooked up the trailer to head west to Texas. We were originally going to travel there in two long-ish days, but decided to break it up into three days, instead.

We stopped for an overnight here in Biloxi. Looking ahead at the weather, we may end up hunkering down here for another night before heading on west. The plan as of now is to probably stay here two nights, then stop in Lake Charles, Louisiana  and visit our friends, the Grimes, on Wednesday evening, then head on up to Livingston, Texas on Thursday. We should be able to get most everything done Thursday afternoon and can hang out on Friday if needed.



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