We Got One Plate

Previous Location:  Whispering Meadow RV Park, Westlake, Louisiana

Current Location: Rainbow’s End, Livingston, Texas

We ended up spending two days at Biloxi. The rain finally moved in overnight Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Fortunately, there weren’t any major storms rolling through, nor much wind. We packed up in the rain and headed west.

We drove in the rain for about an hour, then it cleared up. We headed on to Westlake (Lake Charles), Louisiana for the evening. We stopped there to visit our friends Andy and JoAnna Grimes. When they were both home from work, they picked us up and we went to the new Blue Dog restaurant in downtown Lake Charles. It was great food.

This morning we got up and headed out early. We took a little longer route to Livingston, by way of the east side of Houston instead of cross-country on US 287. We made it a point to stop by Buc-ee’s in Baytown to get some lunch and stretch our legs.

When we pulled into Livingston, we stopped by the body shop that last did our trailer inspection earlier in the summer. They did the inspection on this trailer then we headed to Rainbow’s End (the Escapees park here) and were lucky to get what sounded like the only available spot for the night. They’re having an RV Boot Camp event this weekend and the whole place was pretty full and more rolling in during the day.

After getting set up, Malcolm headed over to retrieve our mail. In it was the license plate for our trailer, already paid for and taken care of by our RV dealer and the Polk county license plate branch. We took that and the trailer inspection paperwork and headed back to get the truck inspected. With that done, we headed to the tag office to get everything squared away.

It turns out we have to wait for the truck paperwork to get here from the dealer, so we can’t put a plate on the truck yet. The lady at the tag office assured us that once everything gets there, they will mail our plates to us just like they did for the trailer. Also, we didn’t need to get either the trailer or the truck inspected until next year. As a matter of fact, we really didn’t need to drive all the way over to Texas at all. Oh well.

We headed back to the campground by 3:00 with our work done here. Malcolm put the new plate on the trailer and took advantage of the sunny afternoon and washed both the trailer and the truck. We ate dinner in the trailer and readied everything to travel again tomorrow. We’re heading back to Mexico Beach via Wetumpka starting tomorrow.



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