Sightseeing the Area

Current Location: St. George Island State Park, Eastpoint, Florida

On Monday, we headed into downtown Apalachicola to wander the shops and restaurants there. We found a few gifts and had a nice lunch at a coffee shop that offered soup and sandwiches. Unfortunately, they were out of bread, so we had chicken salad on a bed of lettuce and a bowl of soup. Both were delicious.


Christmas Tree made of netting and floats down at the docks on the bay.

We also treated ourselves to an ice cream treat a little later at a nearby shop that has a full soda fountain counter. The town is very nice, with lots of little shops and several restaurants. Some of the latter were closed for now (seems to be between Thanksgiving and Christmas that many small businesses close up around town).

Today we headed back into Apalachicola to grab a couple items we wanted to purchase for gifts. Afterwards, we headed back to St. George Island and visited the lighthouse there. We didn’t walk up in the lighthouse, but wandered around their small museum display describing the history of the lighthouse (the current one was built in 2008 to replace the prior one that fell the year before after the Gulf waters took their toll on the foundation).


St. George Island Lighthouse

After visiting the lighthouse and stopping by the trailer, we headed back out to the beach at the State Park. Malcolm got to fly his kite again and we both looked for seashells along the shore. We found several large shells that were intact.

This evening, we met our son David in Port St. Joe for dinner and to pick up a new temporary tag for the truck. Our truck dealer dropped the ball on getting our license plate work submitted to Texas (they told us that the tag office was backlogged, but our trailer tag only took four weeks, so we figure they messed up and just got the paperwork in to them). The dealer overnighted another temporary tag to us (at David’s address) and assured us that the Polk County tag office should have our license plates available soon. The tag office hand delivers plates to Escapees and they notify us when they have arrived, so we’ll have them forwarded on with our mail when they are ready.


Sunset from the restaurant.

We’ve got a couple more days here before we head back to Alabama.


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