Big Catch-Up Post

We’ve been back in Alabama for about a week now. Malcolm is working in the office here in Alabama. Not a whole lot going on other than that and the day to day stuff.

We’ve been having difficulty finding a new primary care physician. Malcolm has called around and so far has found that many don’t take our insurance and one even doesn’t take anyone over 55 (Malcolm is 56).

Malcolm finally went to an urgent care clinic and asked if they could do a physical (something we’re both overdue on) and the girl at the desk said yes. Unfortunately, the doctor on call said they don’t do preventive, well-patient physicals. However, he could treat anything that Malcolm had a concern with, so they went with high cholesterol issues.

We’ll continue to try to find someone in this area (Alabama) since we tend to end up here in the winter. We haven’t exhausted our list yet, but with an impending flight out west for Christmas and reservations all over the state of Florida all of January, it might be February before we nail something down.

Another thing we’re keeping an eye on is that our mail service, and thus our “permanent” address, is through the Escapees club out of Texas. They are looking at possibly being able to offer the same services and an address in Tennessee next year. That would be a good deal, as we could set up in Tennessee and find a doctor up in the Nashville area. Malcolm’s employer’s payroll department would like that, as well.

We’re still dealing with fallout from our accident in late September. Our truck is still running on temporary tags. The dealer had to FedEx us a new one for December while we were still in Florida. Supposedly we should have our Texas tags delivered to the mailbox soon. We’ll have them forwarded up here so we can license the truck properly. That might be after we get back from being out of town for Christmas.

Also, our trailer that has been sitting in storage in Evansville is finally getting attention from the insurance company. We’ve been getting very slow movement from the insurance company until Malcolm complained about it on an open forum run by the insurance company’s parent company. We now have the head of the RV insurance division personally working on getting something done on our trailer.

They apparently have gotten Lippert, the frame manufacturer, to agree to take the trailer to one of their shops and look at repairing the frame. They are supposed to be sending a transport to come pick it up sometime (no time frame given). The insurance company is also going to reimburse us for storage fees and winterization we had done on the trailer. We’ll see where all this goes. If the trailer is fixed, we’ll be putting it up for sale.

Looks like a nice weekend coming up. Malcolm will probably be doing some outside chores on Saturday. He will definitely be emptying gray and black tanks into the tote and running it over to the dump station.

We’ve finished our travel season (in the trailer) for the year. We pulled one trailer or another (we’ve had three this year) 18 more miles than we did last year. We also visited the same number of states (though not the same states) as we did last year – 22. Had the accident not interrupted our travels, we would have had about 1,000 more miles and at least one additional state on our list.



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