Nashville and Lexington

Current Location: Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Lexington, Kentucky

No, it’s not a new railroad, it’s just another combined blog post.

For most of the prior two weeks, Malcolm worked in the Nashville office. On Tuesday of last week, Val’s sister Anne came down to visit with us a couple days. She headed back up to Kentucky on Thursday. We packed up and headed the same direction the next day – last Friday. Other than work, errands and shopping, there wasn’t much else to write about for our Nashville stop.

Per our last post, our trip here to Kentucky was to be a weekend excursion. We wanted to stop by Lexington and go to the horse races at Keeneland. The thought was we were going to do that on Saturday, then head back down to Nashville this past Sunday. As the date grew closer, it became evident from the long term weather forecast that we were looking at almost wintry weather on Saturday. We decided to stay the whole week, instead, with Malcolm working remotely.

It turned out to be a wise decision. The overnight lows both Friday and Saturday nights were below freezing. We even awoke to a dusting of snow on Saturday morning. The temperature on Saturday never climbed out of the low 40’s, and it was windy. Our plan now is to probably go to Keeneland on Wednesday, since the temperatures will be in the 60’s to 70’s the remainder of the week (and sunny).

Saturday, we just spent either inside the trailer taking care of a few items, or heading out to take care of a little shopping. On Sunday, we ate lunch out at Ramsey’s (Hot Browns) and headed to a few stores in the Nicholasville Road area. Malcolm was feeling a little blah (this is the third time we’ve experienced early spring blooms in the past month or so), so we didn’t spend much time out.

Today, Malcolm worked all day inside the trailer (it was warmer, but rained or threatened rain all day). Val took the laundry down to the campground laundromat to wash and dry it there (the campground doesn’t have sewer hookups, so we can’t really run the on-board washer for fear of filling the gray tank). This evening, we went to the grocery to pick up a few items, then back to the trailer to relax.



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