Southbound Again

Current Location: Wills Creek RV Park, Fort Payne, Alabama

On Tuesday, Malcolm worked during the morning then we went to the mall at lunch time. Val’s iPad had been acting up, so we took it to the Apple store in the mall to have it looked at. They reset it to factory defaults and said to reload everything from a backup and see if that fixed it. After our mall visit, we headed to Red Lobster to meet Val’s sister, our niece and nephew for our nephew’s birthday dinner.

On Wednesday, Malcolm worked for a little in the morning, then we dressed and headed out late morning to Keeneland to watch the horse races. By getting there a little early, we got free parking near the entrance. Also, by loading their free app on each of our phones, we got free admission (saved $5 each). It was a little cool until later in the afternoon, so we spent most of our time inside watching the races on the televisions and watching the horses outside the windows when they were being walked.


A horse being walked outside at Keeneland.


Val’s race day attire.

Thursday, Val’s iPad was acting up again, so off to the mall again to have it replaced. They replaced it with a refurbished one of the same model and color for $99. After that visit and lunch at the mall, we headed down to visit Malcolm’s Aunt Margaret and Uncle Jerry. Margaret had recently had surgery but was up and moving about pretty well. We had a nice visit for a few hours in the afternoon, and showed them pictures from our Hawaii trip. Malcolm did a couple computer fixes for them, as well.

After that visit, we headed to Colombia’s Steak House to meet some local Heartland RV owners and friends for dinner. We enjoyed catching up and helped them close the place down.

This morning, we packed up and left the Horse Park. Our intended destination was the Holiday Travel Park in Chattanooga, TN. That would have been the halfway point between Lexington and our destination of Wetumpka, Alabama. Also, we knew we had some good friends staying there this week. Unfortunately, we hadn’t counted on the park being full and didn’t make any reservations. We did manage to talk to our friends for a few minutes before heading down the road and ending up here in Fort Payne, Alabama (about 30 miles past Chattanooga).



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