Back “Home” Again

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

After a restful night in Fort Payne, Alabama, we headed on down the road towards Wetumpka. We took the slightly longer route by staying on the interstate all the way to Montgomery. On the way, we stopped by Camping World just south of Birmingham and picked up a new sewer tote to replace the one we’ve left at Ft. Toulouse with various camp hosts. The old one is definitely showing its age.

When we pulled into Ft. Toulouse, we were met with a fairly full campground. The re-enacters were here for the French and Indian Encampment weekend. We circled the campground, looking at the various sites that were open and decided on site #3. This site is very shaded and surprisingly, the pad is very long. It’s interesting that very few people choose this site because it is so nice.

We caught up on shopping on Saturday evening and went to our old church in Prattville on Sunday. We had lunch out with our good friends, the Miltons. We also collected up our mail and packages from them. They are our local mail drop while we are in this area. On Sunday afternoon, Val headed back to church for a ladies’ meeting she wanted to attend. Malcolm did a little maintenance on the trailer (cleaned bugs off the front cap) and went for a scenic bike ride around the property.

Malcolm has been working at the trailer this week. It’s been nice for him to be able to relax and get a lot of work done without the distractions of being in an office. We’re hoping this situation can continue so we won’t have to stop in an office very often. The Nashville office, in particular, is rather expensive for us to work from – between renting a car to get downtown and the high prices at the campgrounds near work.

It is mainly for that reason that we are down here in Alabama this week even though we are flying out to Seattle next week from Nashville. After looking at how much it would cost us to have our trailer sitting empty in Nashville while we were away (approximately $70 a night), we decided it would be much cheaper to leave the trailer down here at Ft. Toulouse ($110 a week) and drive up to Nashville and back.

We found out this week that the rear air conditioner on our trailer has stopped cooling. Fortunately, we are on a very shady site and, even though the temperatures outside have been in the low- to mid-80’s, the trailer is staying comfortable using only the front air conditioner. There are no mobile RV technicians in this area, and we hesitate to leave the rig sitting at a repair facility while we are away.

However, Malcolm has found a repair facility in Panama City Beach that also does mobile repair calls. Since we are heading down there in a couple weeks to visit with David, we made reservations at a campground where the repair place makes service calls. They will drop by and look at our air conditioner. The service department indicated that they keep air conditioners in stock, so we shouldn’t have to wait for one if they need to replace ours.



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