Birthday Week

Current Location: Pineglen RV Park, Panama City Beach, Florida

We rolled down to Panama City Beach this past Monday for a week here visiting with our son, David, for his birthday (which was on Friday, the 13th). Malcolm worked most of the week (a benefit of working remotely – he got 40 hours of work in, without having to be in front of a desk eight hours each weekday). We met David for dinner on Monday after we got in. He is working early day shift and gets off mid-afternoons but has to go to sleep early evening to get up before dawn.

On Tuesday, the technician from Beach RV here in Panama City Beach came by to check on our air conditioner. He quickly determined that it needed to be replaced. Rooftop RV air conditioners are sealed systems that can’t just simply be recharged like a vehicle or home air conditioner. He went back to the shop and quickly got the warranty replacement approved. They also had one in stock. The only delay was the fact that they are swamped with work with the summer camping season just a week or two away.

A couple Beach RV repairmen came by first thing Friday morning and had our air conditioner replaced and working before 10:00 AM. It makes a big difference in the current 80-something degree weather. The front unit could keep the whole rig cooled with a fan directing air downstairs, but it was working pretty hard to keep up.

On Friday, we met David and his roommate at Home Depot. They were picking up a garbage can and shopping for a washer and dryer. We bought David a gas grill for his birthday and hauled it to the house for him. We used the grill on Saturday to grill hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken breasts for a cookout we threw for David’s Air Force friends. It was a great time and there was plenty of food left over.

We went back over today and cooked Kentucky Hot Browns for David, his roommate and an Air Force family that lives just a couple blocks away. We visited for a while after dinner and made root beer floats with some of the ice cream left over from Saturday’s party. We said our goodbyes this evening as we head back north tomorrow morning (back to Wetumpka).




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