Greetings from Florida

Current Location: Pineglen RV Park, Panama City Beach, Florida

We drove out this morning to get fuel in the truck, then back to the park to hook up to the trailer. We pulled around to the dump station and took care of “business”. We rolled out just before 9:00 AM heading south to Panama City Beach. During a stop along the way, we called ahead here to Pineglen to make sure they had a site available (they just did, someone else had just left) before we cruised into town.


All set up among the pines

We got here just before 2:00 PM and set up the trailer. Then we headed out to take care of some shopping while we waited for David to get off work and call us back to compare schedules. He indicated he was going to be busy and we figured we would just see him tomorrow. He called later to say he was available and asked if we wanted to meet him for dinner, so we did.

We had Italian food at Luigi B.G. in Panama City. Malcolm picked it at random by scrolling around the area on the map and looking at different restaurants listed in the area. It had pretty good reviews, so we thought we’d try it. The food was all delicious. It was one of those places that looks OK on the outside, but the atmosphere and service was top notch.


DInner with Luigi

David headed on back to his house to catch up on sleep and we headed back home ourselves to relax. We’ll be here until Thursday.




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