The Home Office

Current Location: Pineglen RV Park, Panama City Beach, Florida

First of all, a third blog post in as many days (patting ourselves on the back). For most of the day today, Malcolm got in a full day’s work and Val did laundry all day. Have we ever mentioned how much we love our washer/dryer combo? Even with a smaller washer that has to double as a dryer, Val caught up on a week’s worth of laundry in one day. Not bad.

This afternoon, David came over to assist us with our latest plan for the trailer. We decided to remove the couch from the rear of the trailer and replace it with a couple desk chairs and desks. We bought the chairs yesterday afternoon. The desks are ordered from Amazon and are being shipped to friends in Alabama. We will be back there at the end of the month.


Couch before removal.

While we waited for David to come over after work, Malcolm emptied the truck bed and put most everything inside (the hitch base got locked up outside).


Cleaning out the bed.


Stuff staged on the picnic table (including the chairs)


Couch base ready to move.

When David got to the trailer, we had the couch back and cushions already in the truck. The heavy part – the base – was ready to move. David and Malcolm got it through the door with relative ease and loaded it into the back of the truck. Then, it was off to David’s house to unload it. That just took a few minutes.


David testing out the couch

While we waited for David’s roommate to take a shower so we could all go to dinner, we visited with Callie for a few minutes. She told us all about her stay at David’s house (David claims some of the complaints weren’t valid).



We all loaded up in the truck (except for Callie) and headed to Captain D’s for dinner. We dropped the guys back off at home and headed back to the trailer. Malcolm loaded the hitch and totes back in the truck, brought in the bikes for travel and assembled the two office chairs.


Chairs assembled and ready for service

The leather on the chairs almost exactly matches the leather on our theater seating unit. The wood is a little redder than the other wood in the trailer, but we like the look nonetheless. The desks we’ve ordered are a craftsman style writing desk. The wood should match the chair bases fairly closely. We’re looking forward to having the area all put together.

Tomorrow morning we head out and east to just north of Jacksonville for the night, then on up I-95.



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