Sights and Storms

Current Location: Camp Hatteras, Waves, North Carolina

On Monday, we did some more sightseeing around the Outer Banks. We were hoping to beat the weather being pushed northward from tropical storm Colin. We were successful in missing all the rain before we got back home.

We drove up north quite a ways to visit the Currituck Lighthouse. We basically walked around the grounds for a few minutes, took some pictures and shopped in their gift shop for a bit. We also walked around the nearby old village of Corolla, but were getting hungry and they didn’t have much in the way of food that sounded good, so we hopped in the truck and headed south to the town of Duck, where we found a good pizza buffet.


Currituck Lighthouse

After lunch, we stopped by the Wright Brothers Memorial and walked around. We decided not to walk up the hill to the monument at the top due to hot and humid weather.


Wright Brothers flight re-enactment.


Memorial marker on Big Kill Devil Hill


Plane replicas in the visitor center

We headed on back to the trailer after our sightseeing adventures. Pretty soon after we got home it started raining. The wind picked up at bedtime and the rain kept on coming. We decided since tropical storm Colin was forecasted to graze our area in the morning that we would pull in all our slides overnight to prevent wind damage to the slide toppers.


Slides pulled in for the night

We left the slides in for a while this morning. Rather than try to climb over things to fix breakfast, we ventured out to a local coffee shop. Malcolm got a bagel (what he would have had at home anyway) and Val a muffin along with hot beverages. We watched the wind and rain blow around from the porch of the store. We drove up and down the strip for something to do, hitting a couple shops before heading back to the trailer.

We never got a whole lot of wind from the storm, just a bunch of rain. Both had cleared out by lunch time. We put the slides out after we got back from being out as the wind was dying down by mid-morning. Since the rain had stopped, we walked out to the beach to watch the waves beating on the shore.


Lots of waves, tropical storm off in the distance

The rest of the day was nice and sunny. Malcolm caught up on some work and Val took the opportunity to sit outside in the sun for a while.


Blue Skies

We headed out after dinner to fill the truck up with fuel and grab some money from the ATM. We pack up in the morning and head to Newport News for the rest of the week and the weekend. We’re hoping to visit with Malcolm’s cousin who has been in Richmond for bone marrow transplant and related treatments and therapy since Christmas.




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