Washington DC Visit

Current Location: Cherry Hill Park, College Park, Maryland

Yesterday (Monday), we pretty much took it easy. We ran out to the grocery store and picked up some groceries. We stopped by Home Depot and picked up a sheet of plexiglass to fix our storm door window. When we pulled out of a rest area in Virginia, Malcolm had to make a pretty hard left turn which sent our stand mixer tumbling into the storm door, shattering the plexiglass.

We also bought tickets for our Gray Line bus tours for Tuesday and Wednesday. Today, we took our “DC in a Day” tour, visiting several various sites around town. We rode a bus from the campground to Union Station in Washington. We then hopped on a double-decker bus (with open top deck) to tour the city.


Our ride downtown.


View from the double decker.

Here are some of the places we visited, shown in pictures:


The White House (Photo Stop)


The Capitol Building


View of the Washington Monument from the Capitol Building area.


The Washington Monument up close


Iwo Jima Monument


World War II Memorial


World War II Memorial with Washington Monument in the background


Lincoln Memorial (Outside)


Lincoln Memorial (Inside)


Korean War Memorial

We also stopped by the FDR Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial. We had lunch at the food court in the Ronald Reagan building. The tour bus dropped us back off at Union Station where we picked up a bus to take back to the campground. We left the campground at 7:00am and returned about 6:00pm. Quite a long day of sightseeing, but the weather was perfect (about 80 degrees and sunny).

Tomorrow, we take the other half of our tour by visiting Mt. Vernon and Arlington Cemetery. We also booked a “Washington by Night” tour for next Monday evening. That should provide a lot of nice photo ops with the big camera.





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