Back South Again

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

We headed back to Alabama, actually a week earlier than we had originally planned. When we called on Monday of this week to check on the status of our other trailer’s repairs, we were told it was done and ready to pick up.

We had originally thought about leaving Maryland and heading west to Indiana to inspect the other trailer. From there, we were going to pull one trailer south to Alabama, then return to get the other and take it south as well. We’re still figuring out where we are ultimately going to take the older trailer to get it sold.

Instead of heading to Indiana, we decided to head on down here to Alabama with our current rig. We’ll rent a car for Val to get around in and Malcolm is heading up to Indiana in the truck by himself. Assuming the trailer is repaired to our satisfaction, Malcolm will bring it back here to Ft. Toulouse so we can go through it and ready it for sale. Those plans may changed based on feedback on places that can consign the unit for sale.

At any rate, yesterday evening we stopped at the Holiday Travel Park near Chattanooga, Tennessee on the way home. When we arrived, it was 96 degrees outside and the weather app said it felt like 106. While the air conditioners worked to cool the trailer down, we headed up the road to McKay’s Used Books to browse around.


Our site in Chattanooga

Once back at the rig, Malcolm grilled our dinner. Afterwards, Malcolm headed to the pool to cool off. Val decided to stay in the trailer.

This morning we headed on down to Alabama, parking in our usual spot here at Ft. Toulouse.


Back at Ft. Toulouse

It was a little cooler here, but not much – about 92 degrees. While the air conditioners cooled the rig, we headed out to lunch. After lunch, we stopped by the office here to pay our campsite fees, picked up a couple things and headed to our friends’ house in Prattville to pick up mail and packages.

Two of the packages were our new desks, ordered from Amazon. They went together pretty quickly and we are pleased with them. We will be figuring out how everything will be riding down the road since the chairs won’t slide under the desks and they way they sit now, they will interfere with the slideouts coming in.


New desks

After organizing desks and such, we headed into Montgomery to upgrade our two-year-old phones. Malcolm’s phone, in particular, has a battery that is giving out. The AT&T store only had rose gold phones, so Val got one of those. Malcolm went to a nearby Simply Mac store to get a regular gold phone (they were out of the gray ones he prefers).

We also stopped by Which Wich for dinner and used their high-speed wi-fi to update all our various devices. A couple other shopping stops and we headed back home for the evening.



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