Then There Were Two

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

This past Sunday, Malcolm headed up to pick up our other trailer (the one that was in the wreck last fall) from Lippert Components, where it was being repaired. We rented a car for Val to drive here in Alabama while Malcolm was gone with the truck.

Malcolm left after church on Sunday and drove as far north as Cave City, Kentucky where he stayed in a hotel. On Monday, he drove the rest of the way to Goshen, Indiana to Lippert’s shop. The repairs looked acceptable, so Malcolm hitched up the trailer and headed on south since it was mid-afternoon at that point.


The repaired front-end.


Hitching Up

Malcolm stopped in Anderson, Indiana the first night on the way back. Once at the campground, he found that the 50 amp power cord for the trailer was missing (fortunately, the only thing missing). He drove over to Walmart to grab some distilled water for the batteries and an extension cord hoping to plug the trailer’s 12V converter in so it could charge the batteries. Also, he would be able to run the fan all night.


Anderson campground stop

Once back at the rig, Malcolm found that the trailer’s converter has a different plug on the cord, so a standard cord wouldn’t work. By this time it was too late to go anywhere but WalMart, so Malcolm decided to pick up a 12V battery charger to use, instead. In any case, the batteries were going to need a charge to be able to pull the slides back in and retract the landing gear. By morning, the charger had the batteries full and running like normal.

Back on the road, the plan was to stop in Bowling Green, Kentucky for the night and hopefully pick up a new 50 amp cord for the trailer at the Camping World there. However, there were low doubts that they might have one in stock as most of the 50 amp cords on their website showed as Internet Only availability.

Malcolm stopped at a Camping World in Greenwood, Indiana and they didn’t have any 50 amp cords. From their parking lot, he called Stinnett’s Derby City RV, where we bought our current trailer, and found that their parts department had a cord available. They put his name on it and held it until he stopped by to pick it up.

Malcolm stayed at the Bowling Green KOA last night, with air conditioning running thanks to the new 50 amp power cord. He also had company to talk to during the evening, as the site shared a big patio with the trailer on the other side.


Bowling Green KOA

Malcolm pulled into Ft. Toulouse this afternoon and we set the trailer up on the site next to our current rig. We’ve started the process of fixing a couple little things inside and cleaning up the trailer inside and out. The plan is to get good pictures of the inside and outside so we can post up a For Sale flyer. We’ll be putting the unit into local storage while we head out west this summer, then put it up for consignment when we get back in September.


Both rigs together



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