Happy 4th

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

After getting the old rig here, we started giving the inside a deep cleaning. Also, David came up to visit for the holiday weekend, so he had his own trailer to sleep in. He had some of his friends over, as well.

On Saturday, we all worked on swapping the pinboxes between the two rigs. When the shop repaired our old rig, they put on a really nice pinbox. Malcolm said it rode really nice pulling it back from Indiana. With David around to assist, we managed to get both pinboxes swapped. We used the truck hitch to move them into and out of position.


David installing bolts


The new pinbox

On Saturday afternoon, we cooked out for David and some of his friends. We had a great time. On Sunday, we headed to church, then met David for lunch and a little shopping.

Today, Malcolm and David met his friend Matt and his father for a round of golf. Even though it was a hot day, they had a great time. After Malcolm and David got back to the trailer, we cleared all of David’s stuff out of the old trailer and hitched it up to the truck, ready to pull out tomorrow morning.


Time for some golf

This evening, we went to Matt’s grandparents’ house for a cookout. It was nice meeting some of his family there. After a long day, we were glad to get back to the trailer and unwind.

Malcolm leaves early in the morning, taking the old trailer down to Houston, Texas to drop it off at PPL Motorhomes for consignment.



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