Trailer For Sale

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Our second trailer, that is. Some folks have been a little confused with the fact that we are selling our trailer. They’re asking what we are doing next without an RV. The fact is that we currently own two trailers. For a little history, you can read about the wreck that sidelined our second trailer by clicking here. We currently live in what could be referred to as our third trailer that we purchased shortly after our wreck.


Cleaning out the tanks

On Tuesday, the 5th, Malcolm headed out with the second trailer on the way to PPL Motorhomes in Houston, Texas to put our trailer up for consignment. He drove as far as Westlake, Louisiana on Tuesday and stayed in a campground where our friends Andy and Joanna Grimes make their home.

On Wednesday, Malcolm took the trailer on over to PPL in Houston, arriving a couple hours early. Fortunately, the appraiser went ahead and went through the trailer and sat down with Malcolm to take care of all the paperwork. Everything was done within about an hour and Malcolm was on his way without the trailer in tow.


Dropped off at PPL

Malcolm stopped to get a new toll tag for the truck, grabbed some lunch and handled the trailer insurance paperwork while eating his sandwich. He headed on back east and drove as far as Baton Rouge, Louisiana to grab a hotel room for the night.

On Thursday, Malcolm got back to the trailer here in Alabama around 1:00 PM. We both headed out for lunch. We also swapped some stuff in and out of our storage unit, ready to start our big travel push coming up. Malcolm also got some work done (he’s missed quite a bit with all the traveling around with the trailer) both Thursday and today.

Today we took our rental car back and did a little shopping. After dinner, we took the truck over to wash it and fill the fuel tank. Tomorrow is prep day for getting ready to move on Sunday. We’ll be heading to Nashville for a week of work there.\


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