Heading North

Current Location: Wytheville KOA, Wytheville, Virginia

Malcolm worked in the Nashville office the past week, Monday through Friday. As planned, he rode the train into town and back out each day. One day he forgot his ticket, so he called a co-worker who lives nearby and rode in with him. The train ride was much quicker and easier than driving a car and parking it. Plus, Malcolm got some exercise walking about 3/4 mile each way between the office and the train station in downtown Nashville.


Hermitage Station, about 5 miles from the campground.


Double-decker train cars


Riding on the lower level


Ticket to ride all week ($40).

Val worked on some sewing projects during the week, as well as some drawer organization projects. On Monday evening, we sat outside after dinner and watched the sunset colors. We could see some of the colors through the trees from our site. Malcolm walked down to the lake and took this picture.


Monday night sunset

On Tuesday night, Malcolm inflated one of our pool tubes and went to float on the lake in the swimming area (just a couple minutes from our site). Val watched from on shore. The water was very warm and refreshing.

For a couple of years now, we’ve been sending postcards to Malcolm’s office (at his co-workers’ request). They tack them up on a map they put on the wall. The map is getting pretty full.


Postcards from the road.

On Thursday night, we drove over to another campground to meet a family that Malcolm follows on Instagram. The Koi’s are a full-time family with a 12-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter that they homeschool (roadschool) while they travel. They fixed chili for us and we brought over a chocolate cake. We had a great time visiting with them all evening until it was time to leave the campground before they locked the gate.


The Kois and us.

On Friday evening, Malcolm got off one stop early on the train and Val picked him up at the Donelson train station. Just across the main road from that station is our favorite Irish restaurant. We had a great dinner there before heading back to the trailer to finish packing things up for our trip today.

This morning, we were up and going early. We hitched up and headed to the dump station to clean out a week’s worth of gray and black water. We headed on out about 8:00 am, driving east on I-40, then picking up I-81 north. We stopped for the night here in Wytheville at the KOA we stopped in a couple weeks ago on the way from Maryland back to Alabama.


Lunch at a Tennessee Rest Area


Our site at the KOA

Tomorrow we head on up to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for a couple nights. The campground we are staying in there is rather special. Be sure to read our next post to find out why.





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