Current Location: Yogi Bear’s Jellystone at Mill Run, Mill Run, Pennsylvania

We packed up the trailer and hitched up to head west this morning. During the course of our hitch-up routine, Malcolm turns on the tire pressure monitor in the truck to make sure all the truck and trailer tires are ready to go. One of the inside dual tires on the truck was showing 0 psi. Malcolm checked, and sure enough it was flat.


Screw in the tire

Fortunately, we were running ahead of schedule, so a half hour later, the spare was mounted and the truck was ready to roll. Malcolm put the other tire in the back of the truck and we’ll see if we can get it repaired tomorrow when everything is open.

We headed on west to the Jellystone park here in Mill Run, Pennsylvania. We arrived around 2:15 pm (just 15 minutes after check-in) and were parked by about 3:00.


All set up

We wandered over to the gift shop to pick up a t-shirt for our quilt, then back to the trailer to get ready to go visit at the nearby (4 miles away) Frank Lloyd Wright designed house, Fallingwater. We had tickets for the next to last tour of the day which worked out nice for pictures as most everyone else had headed up the hill to get in their cars. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, but the outside is the most iconic view anyway.


Sign at the road


Iconic view of the house

While there, we signed up for a membership in the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, which oversees Fallingwater. With our membership, we get free admission to several Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes and buildings across the US, as well as four more admissions to Fallingwater (which we can let others use). We also got a 10% discount on merchandise.

We’re stopping in the greater Chicago area Thursday and Friday nights this coming week and are planning on visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio as well as the Robie house while in the area.




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