Illinois Day 1

Current Location: D&W Lake Camping and RV Park, Champaign, Illinois

Today was purely a travel day. Since traveling from Dayton, Ohio to the Chicago area would be a long drive, we decided to break it up and stay about halfway along the path. We ended up near Champaign, Illinois.

We had gotten a decently early start, had a somewhat short travel day (266 miles) and crossed back into the central time zone. We ended up arriving at the park about 12:30 pm. Since we had all afternoon, Malcolm called the local Ford dealer and was told to bring the truck on down for an oil change. We were just shy of the 30,000 mile mark, so it was due.

With the oil changed and the air and fuel filters changed, we were on our way. We stopped by Target and Gander Mtn. to pick up some camping items and other shopping we needed to take care of. We also stopped by Culver’s and picked up a snack to tide us over until dinner. Finally, we stopped by and filled up the truck with fuel near the campground.


Camp site

Dinner was leftovers in the trailer. Malcolm took care of a couple small maintenance items that popped up over the last couple days’ travel.

Tomorrow we head up to the Chicago area to visit with Malcolm’s friend and high school classmate John Boehm and his family. We’re still undecided on sightseeing in the area, though we do have two nights booked at the campground, though it is more than an hour’s drive (closer to two hours) out from town.





2 thoughts on “Illinois Day 1

  1. Well, it’s time to stop reading for the night. Never saw that wreck of your truck and trailer coming. I’ve been good and have not read ahead in your blog to see how things are going now. Really enjoying learning from your posts.

    What rear living floor plan did you go with for your third trailer?

    • The wreck was a good learning experience. Lot’s of things came out of it that we may or may not have touched on through the following months’ posts. I’m thinking of writing up a big blog post about the whole experience around the time of the two-year anniversary of the incident. Many things that could be valuable to others in a similar situation,

      We are currently in a 3650RL model Big Country. I usually tell people it has the back end of the 2nd rig (minus the half-bath) and the front-end of the first rig. It’s a pretty standard floor plan and has been in the Big Country lineup for many years. We do miss the big front bath of the 2nd rig, but otherwise, we really have gotten comfortable in this one. We hope to keep it for a very long time.

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