Current Location: Jackson KOA, Jackson, Minnesota

We were on the road around 8:00 am this morning and made it to our next destination just in time for lunch. These relatively short drive days (200-220 miles) make for a relaxing day on the road. Also, we get to the next destination without having to stop to fuel up the truck on the road. We typically unhitch when we arrive and run the truck into town to fill it up.


Jackson MN KOA

The KOA here is nice. Fairly open, but still has some trees around. We decided to catch up on laundry by using the campground washers while they weren’t busy. We brought our wet laundry back and have been drying it in our washer/dryer all afternoon. Saves a few quarters and standing around the laundry room.



One thought on “Minnesota

  1. Still following your blog.. We travelled about 200 miles on travel days and did the truck fills as you described. I then added the 50 gallon, below bed rail Transfer Flow fuel tank and simply love it! It’s totally automatic, adding fuel to the main tank as you drive keeping the main fuel gage always between 1/2 & 3/4. I use the dash control center/trip meter which tells me miles driven and gallons consumed. I usually start looking to fill when it hits 60 gallons, that still leaves 26 gallons so plenty of time to fill. I then reset the trip meter and go again..

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