Out at the Lake

Previous Location: Crystal Gold Mine & RV Park, Kellogg, Idaho

Current Location: Lake Chelan State Park, Chelan, Washington

After leaving Deer Lodge, we stopped at Kellogg, Idaho and stayed in the really nice little campground at Crystal Gold Mine. The gold mine was a fun attraction. We found out a lot about the mine and how the miners searched for gold in the 1890’s when the mine was active. The campground was really nice, as well, with full hookups and more recently paved pads.


Ready for our tour of the gold mine


Panning for gold

We left Crystal Gold Mine RV Park on Sunday around 9:00 am and headed west into Washington state. We arrived at Lake Chelan State Park about 3:00 PM, a half hour behind our daughter and her family. After getting set up, the family dropped by to greet us. Since Sunday was a partial day, we all took advantage of it and did last minute grocery shopping in town.

Monday was chilly and cloudy. We tried a little swimming at the beach, but it was pretty miserable, so we decided to drive into town and walk around downtown. We did some souvenir shopping before heading back out to the campground.

Since Monday, the weather has been more typical of the area – 90’s during the day and 60’s at night. We’ve done a bunch of lake swimming, some bike riding and cooking out. Other cousins and friends arrived mid-week. All in all, we’re having a great time and will be here until this coming Wednesday.


Lake fun


Malcolm on his float


Violet learning how to ride on two wheels


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