A Short Move

Current Location: Auburn Game Farm Park Campground, Auburn, Washington

Today we moved from the Washington State Fairgrounds to the city-run Game Farm Park Campground here in Auburn, Washington. We stayed here last year for a week (their maximum continuous stay limit) and we are here again for a week this year.

Last Saturday and Sunday, we headed out to Fox Island where Cole’s grandmother has a place on the Puget Sound. We cooked dinner for “Grandma Shirley” and our crew on Saturday. The rest of the family was out to a party they were invited to. It made for a nice evening just visiting with Shirley. On Saturday, more family arrived and we enjoyed a typical afternoon at the island.

Monday night we headed over to watch the Tacoma Rainiers minor league baseball team play the Las Vegas 51’s (named after Area 51). We ended up leaving the game a little early because Malcolm had problems sleeping the night before.

During the past week, Malcolm has been working during the days, except for today. We’ve been taking care of a few errands, such as having the truck looked at by the local Ford dealer (a couple of minor problems, covered by warranty). We at least ended up with a free car wash out of the deal.

Last night (Thursday), our son David flew in. Malcolm went to the airport to pick him up since his flight arrived around midnight. The two of them came back to the trailer and immediately went to sleep.

Today (Friday), we helped Elizabeth get everything ready for her birthday party tomorrow. Our little girl turns 30 on Sunday. She’s throwing her own “Roaring 20’s” party. We helped decorate the place, then Val and Malcolm slipped out to move the trailer from the fairgrounds campground to the Auburn campground, a distance of 16 miles. Once the trailer was plugged in and the air conditioning running, we went back to help Elizabeth finish party preparations.



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