The Rest of the Washington Trip

Current Location: Crystal Gold Mine & RV Park, Kellogg, Idaho

Today, we started our journey back south and east. However, we need to catch you up on the last week and a half. So let’s start with last Saturday. Elizabeth held her 30th birthday party with the “Roaring 20’s” theme and it was a great success. Lots of friends and family came over, many of them dressed to the theme. We got lots of great pictures inside and out.


Yard decorations


More yard decorations

The gazing ball and pink flamingos are a nod to an old family tradition on Malcolm’s side of the family. Elizabeth kept the gazing ball and stand. We now have the flamingos traveling with us.


Favorite Party Picture

This was our favorite picture from the party. A friend of the family brought his old Ford Model A and parked it in the back yard. Elizabeth’s “Aunt” Stacy dressed up as Charlie Chaplin. They staged this shot.

On Sunday, we went over to Elizabeth and Cole’s house. They had to go to a family function so we took care of the girls for them. We (and David) took them back to our trailer. David, Malcolm and the girls went walking, running or bike riding along the trails near the river.


Malcolm and Scarlet


Violet’s last day with training wheels

That evening, we got them ready for bed. Elizabeth sent us a text asking how the girls were doing. We sent back the following picture.


Oh Boy!

On Monday through Wednesday, Malcolm got some work done either at the trailer or over at Cole and Elizabeth’s house. We also visited with the girls, ran errands, went shopping and so on.


Malcolm’s Office

On Thursday, Malcolm and Elizabeth went out in the morning while Val babysat the grandchildren. Val and the girls went over to get Cole’s grandmother and take her to lunch. Malcolm and Elizabeth went to a doctor appointment (for Elizabeth), then ate brunch and headed over to go horseback riding. They decided to make it an annual birthday tradition (Malcolm’s and Elizabeth’s birthdays are only 6 days apart).


Elizabeth ready to ride


Malcolm getting settled


And they’re off!

On Friday, we moved the trailer from the campground at Auburn over to Cole’s grandmother’s house over on Fox Island. We backed it down to the end of the driveway. We spent the entire holiday weekend visiting there with lots of Cole’s family and various friends. We had a great, relaxing time.


The trailer set up on “the island”


A couple of Malcolm’s buddies

Elizabeth and the girls stayed overnight on Monday night at the island. They rode with us back into town with trailer in tow. We dropped them off at their house, said our goodbyes and headed on out of town. We’ll be traveling back south and east over the next week and a half, ultimately ending up in Lexington, Kentucky at the Horse Park Campground.



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