Thanksgiving Trip

Current Location: Pineglen RV Park, Panama City Beach, Florida

The first part of this last week was spent packing up stuff and putting it in storage or putting it away in the trailer. We also loaded up a dining room table and four chairs that a friend was giving away. David indicated he could use the furniture, so we agreed to haul it down to Panama City for him.

We headed out from Wetumpka this past Wednesday. Malcolm drove the truck pulling the trailer and Val followed behind in the new car. After clearing the tanks, we headed out to Panama City Beach, where we decided to stay at Pineglen RV Park. Though it is a little more expensive than the park in Mexico Beach, we really like the park here much better.


All set up at Pineglen

After getting set up Wednesday afternoon, we loaded the table and chairs in the back of the truckĀ  and went over to drop them off at David’s house. We visited with him for a bit then took he and one of his housemates out to dinner at Sonny’s Bar-B-Que.

Thursday was a work day for Malcolm, though he took a long lunch to go meet David at a pizza place then go shopping at Target with him. We headed back to the trailer afterwards.


Malcolm’s Office View

On Friday Malcolm was working in the morning, helping his co-workers fix some software problems as they were preparing for a customer acceptance test. We headed over to pick up David at his house so he could get us onto the base at Tyndall. We were there for his annual squadron Thanksgiving luncheon. We had a lot of great holiday food.

When we got back to his house, Malcolm finished up his work for the day and we used David’s internet connection to update our devices. Later that evening, David came over to the trailer and we took him over to Culver’s for dinner and ice cream treats.

Today we headed back over to the base, picking up one of David’s housemates so he could get us on base since David was working. One of David’s co-workers was taking holiday photos of friends and their families. We’ll get a copy to use for our Christmas cards this year. Our pictures were taken with an F-22 in the background. Since David was at work, he was wearing his BDUs. We’re excited to see how the pictures came out.

We had lunch back at the trailer and did a little shopping this afternoon, including groceries for Thanksgiving. Tomorrow we’ll head over to church in the morning and relax the rest of the day.



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