Happy New Year

With the new year here, it’s time to catch up with what we’ve done since Christmas. We are still in Washington state visiting our daughter, Elizabeth, our son-in-law, Cole, and the granddaughters, Violet and Scarlet.

On Tuesday, Malcolm, Elizabeth and Cole went to go see the movie Rogue One while Nana and the girls had a fun day at home. On Wednesday, we took the girls out for dinner while Elizabeth and Cole went on their own dinner date. The girls chose their favorite – Trackside Pizza. It is located right next to the fairly busy railroad tracks in downtown Puyallup.


Dinner with the trains

We’ve also done some other fun activities like going to the YMCA so the girls could go swimming with Cole. Elizabeth and both of us went walking on the indoor track to get some exercise since we don’t have swimming suits with us. We’ve taken a walk or two outside as well as stopping to give the horses across the street some carrots.


Carrot time


Stylish Scarlet and her baby, ready to walk

Another growing holiday tradition is Malcolm cooking stir fry for everyone for dinner. It was tasty.


Master chef at work

On Friday, we all loaded in the Yukon and headed up to Mt. Rainier to the public sledding area. There was lots of snow and lots of fun sledding. Val had picture-taking duties while the rest of us got cold and snowy.


Entering Mt. Rainier National Park


Let’s go sledding!


Lines for the two sled runs. Things moved pretty smoothly.


Snow angel minus hat


Obligatory scenic picture

Last night, on New Year’s Eve, we all went to a New Year’s party at friends of Cole and Elizabeth’s. There were three other families, with their children, all celebrating the New Year.




Hanging out with the gang

We’ll be here until Wednesday when we will be flying back to Atlanta.



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