South for the Winter

Current Location: Pineglen RV Park, Panama City Beach, Florida

We made it through the weekend without any real weather concerns. Yes, it was cold (mid-20’s at night), but not terrible. We left our heated water hose hooked up and always had running water, so not bad.

On Saturday we did some shopping and on Sunday went to church. We mostly spent the rest of the time in the trailer taking it easy. Val is still recovering from the cold she caught before we left Washington. Malcolm, so far, has lucked out and avoided catching the same.

This morning we ran two different directions to get things done before we left Alabama. Malcolm filled another propane tank (running the furnace over the cold weekend ran through a whole tank) and made sure the truck was full of fuel. Val mailed off our 2016 t-shirts to the quilt folks and stopped by Dollar General for more cold supplies.

We loaded up and headed down to Panama City Beach around mid-morning, but not before stopping by to empty the trailer tanks. When Val brought in the slide-outs, she found quite a few asian ladybugs hiding behind the seals. It was too late to vacuum them up when we got to Florida, so we’ll be doing that through the week as they emerge into the warm trailer.

We arrived here around 3:30 PM and told David where we were. He came over and we went out to eat dinner at a place called Newk’s Eatery. It was pretty good food. We also stopped by Home Depot so David could price out some lumber needed for a shelving project he wants to do. He headed home afterwards.

We’ll be here through Saturday.




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