Our New Home

Current Location: Our RV Lot at Deer Creek RV Golf and Country Club

After we left Jonathan Dickinson State Park, we returned to Fort Wilderness Campground at Disney World for two nights (Sunday and Monday nights). We needed two nights locally so that we could go over and get things coordinated for our new RV lot that we purchased last week.


Back to Disney

While we were here a couple weeks ago, we drove over and met up with one of the realtors at Deer Creek RV Resort and looked at several lots that were for sale. We had looked at them online back in December and thought we might consider purchasing a lot to use as a winter home as well as providing us an address in Florida for what we hope will be lower insurance rates. At the time, we decided we would take a day away from Disney and look.

We ended up falling in love with the site that we ultimately purchased. It is immaculately landscaped and was owned by another couple that were getting ready to hit the road full-time and decided they’d rather have the money than the lot. As we found out later, they hadn’t even been on it for almost three years. We felt like we got a really good deal on the lot.


Our new lot

The lot has two 10 x 16 sheds on it. One shed has a single door and the other has a double door so that you can put a golf cart in it. That will be great for us as we have our golf cart, which is currently in Alabama. As part of the deal, we got to keep all the items in both sheds. There was an assortment of outdoor furniture, a couple of bikes and a golf cart.

We have friends that have also bought a lot here that are interested in buying the cart from us, so we’ll be selling it. Malcolm tried to get it charged up today, but the batteries are pretty much shot. We went ahead and bought a new set of batteries for it so we can drive it around until we bring our cart back later in the spring.


Nighttime at the Homestead

Our plan is to primarily stay here late fall through winter each year and periodically other times of the year. We’ll still be traveling around during the spring and summer as we’ve always done. We’re planning on switching our address on everything to this address and use it instead of the Escapees Club mail service. We’ll try using the USPS forwarding services (or mail hold for shorter trips) when we’re away and see how that goes. Worst case, Escapees has a mail service in Florida that we could use, as well.

Location-wise, we’re near the intersection of I-4 and US 27 (the latter goes right by the entrance to the park). Walt Disney World is about 15 miles northeast of us. This area is growing and has a lot of new development. There is a nice shopping center just around the corner. It has a Target, a JC Penney and many smaller stores.

The tax office for the county (Polk County, Florida) is literally just around the corner. We can see the building from the back of our property. That will make getting licenses and license plates fairly straightforward. There are also several stores in a shopping center just outside the park. We are allowed to drive golf carts over to the stores since they’re off the main road.

Our short-term plan is to be here until early March before heading to Texas and Louisiana for a couple Heartland Owners Club rallies.


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