Settling In

Current Location: Our RV Lot

We’ve been busy the last couple of days just cleaning up the lot, sorting through the stuff in the sheds and generally tidying the place up. We’ve met a few of our neighbors and, through them, found out that the previous owners haven’t even been on the lot for three or four years. They did have someone generally keeping the place neat, though, so it wasn’t in bad shape by any means.

We cleaned up outside on Wednesday. We removed the various solar lights that were placed around the property as they were no longer working. We replaced them with new ones from Lowe’s. Malcolm spent some time trimming dead limbs from trees, and sawed down a couple of dead trees on the property. The community has a couple large roll-off dumpsters specifically for yard waste.


New solar lights

Aside from a bunch of outdoor furniture the previous owners left behind, we also inherited a couple of bicycles and a golf cart. On Tuesday, Malcolm tinkered with the cart and got the charger to charge it up, or so we thought. We were excited that it was driving after sitting with dead batteries for several years. The newly charged batteries worked for about 3 minutes. We ended up replacing the batteries with new ones.

We have a cart of our own in Alabama, but won’t be bringing it down until later in the year, so we’ll use this one for now. We already have friends that are buying this one from us when they move in later this year. There is a pretty nice shopping center just outside the park where you are allowed to drive your cart. We took advantage of that today to stop by Family Dollar to pick up some light bulbs.


Shopping in the golf cart

By the way, here are some more pictures from around our lot. These are our two sheds. Both are 10′ x 16′ sheds. The white one has double doors and will store most of our stuff and our golf cart when we are out traveling. We plan on finishing out the interior of the brown shed to use as an office, guest quarters, laundry and half bath (it is already plumbed for sewer and water is nearby).


The two sheds

Here’s a glamour shot of some of our landscaping and the trailer in the background. The “grass” at the bottom-right corner of the picture is our neighbor’s.


Our site from next door.

The area behind the brown shed is finished out nicely. We’re thinking of making it a sort of quiet getaway with possibly some chairs or maybe even a canopy. We’re not sure just yet.


The “Back Yard”

Today we cleared out the brown shed and swept it out. It was mostly filled with outdoor furniture, most of which we didn’t care for. We debated trying to sell it locally, but had noticed a thrift shop in the shopping center right outside the entrance to the neighborhood. We stopped by and they said we could bring all of it over if we wanted to, so we did. The thrift shop proceeds benefit a local homeless shelter’s food bank, so we thought it would make sense to help them out with some nice outdoor stuff. They were excited to receive it all.


The cleaned out brown shed.

With the brown shed cleaned out, we continued on to the white shed. We removed a bunch of homemade shelving and pulled out a bunch of old stuff left behind by previous owners. Malcolm loaded it all up in the truck and hauled it over to the park dumpsters. We’re going to keep the bikes and the small refrigerator that was left behind.


Cleaning out the white shed

Aside from cleaning, sorting, yard work and general improvements, Malcolm has been able to get in some paying work. He’s found the outdoor office somewhat preferable in the afternoons.


The Outdoor Office

With most of our cleaning and sorting out of the way, we’ll be settling down for a bit. Our son David is coming down to visit with us next week. We’ll be making a few runs over to Disney with him and generally visiting with him.



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