Visit From David

Current Location: Our RV Lot

When we last posted, we had finished cleaning out the brown shed on our lot. We had turned our focus on the white shed, which will store things including bikes, golf cart, etc. We spent a couple days before David arrived cleaning up in that shed and had it pretty well organized by early Sunday.


The workshop end of the white shed


The garage end of the white shed

We also picked up or ordered several items that all arrived by the end of the week. We decided to keep the two bicycles that the previous owners left behind. The tires and tubes were all dry-rotted, so Malcolm put new tires and tubes on them. We also ordered a new grill to replace our three-year-old Coleman red grill. It finally gave up on us while we were last in Fort Wilderness.


Stuff to do


The new (purple) grill

We also bought an inexpensive pressure washer from Lowe’s. Malcolm used it part of the day on Sunday scrubbing dirt off of part of our pad.


Pressure washing the pad.

Aside from the bicycles, another item that we kept was a refrigerator that was left behind. Fortunately, the previous owners had propped the door open, so it wasn’t mildewed inside. We filled it with drinks and it works great.


The fridge

David arrived on Sunday afternoon. After dropping his stuff in the trailer, we drove him out to Disney Springs and went to guest services so he could buy his Disney tickets using his military discount (5 days with park-hopper for about $240 with tax). We walked around there for a while before heading back to the trailer.

On Monday morning, we headed down to the post office to see about getting a key to our mailbox here at the park since we’ll be using it as our “regular” address. They told us we needed to bring in a copy of our deed. We did that on Tuesday morning and they got us set up to have a new lock put on the box (standard procedure). Unfortunately, they only put new locks on on Tuesdays and we had just missed the bus on that one. We will be able to access our mail next Tuesday.

We spent Monday through Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at various Disney parks. Malcolm and David rode the coasters and other fast rides. We all rode some of the slower rides and often we just walked around and traded Disney pins.


All three of us at Epcot


The Valentine’s couple


Rollercoaster time

On Thursday, we headed into Orlando. We walked around the Mall at Millenia for a while, then headed to an indoor go-kart track where Malcolm and David drove go-karts for a while. They are electric carts and can travel up to 45 mph. Whee! Not many pictures from that event, as it was difficult to get any good photos.

On Saturday morning, we played a round of miniature golf on the “professional” course. It was challenging and fun. We brought our own putters (David bought one at the thrift store around the corner for $2).



David packed up this morning and headed back home. We all had a great time together this past week and we’ll miss him. We spent the rest of the day today finishing up some items around the lot such as pressure washing the rest of the slab, running our trash, recycling and yard waste over to the respective dumpsters and spraying the lot for weeds.


Relaxing outside

Malcolm will be back to a regular work schedule this coming week. Meanwhile, it is back to relaxing outside the rig as the sun sets.


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