Daily Life at Home

Current Location: Our RV Lot

Things have been moving along here in Florida. We’ve slowly been officially becoming Florida residents the last couple of weeks as well as taking care of little things around our property. All in all, we’ve generally just been settling down here before our next trip out (tomorrow, as a matter of fact).


Malcolm’s office view

Malcolm has been back to working, primarily in the trailer, but he did make a run to the Orlando office one morning to fix something they needed before customer testing started the next day. His view straight out the back window is of the side of our shed. The view out the side window is at least a little better (though it is looking out over the retention basin and our neighbor’s slightly neglected bushes and trees.

We made a trip over to the tax office (which we can see out the back of our lot) to try to take care of driver licenses and vehicle tags. We were about halfway successful, getting our Florida drivers licenses, our voter registrations and the tag for the car. The truck and trailer tags couldn’t be done because Florida needs the title in hand from the lender before it will issue tags. We sent off for our titles to be sent to Florida that afternoon.


No more state-issued front license plate, so a substitute was purchased.

A week later (yesterday), Malcolm stopped by the tax office and inquired about the title status and found that they had received the truck title that morning, so he waited in line again to get a tag for the truck. An hour and a half later, he was done and now all we have left to get done is the trailer tag. We’ll have to wait on that one until we get back from our upcoming trip.


Truck tag

Despite what I’m sure a lot of folks that follow us in Instagram and Facebook think, we don’t spend every day over at Disney World. We did take one afternoon and visited over at Epcot and having dinner at La Cellier, the restaurant in the Canadian area. It was good food.


Sunset over the Canada Pavilion


Topiary at Epcot

We also had a Sunday brunch at Raglan Road at Disney Springs last weekend. It was tasty food and they had some good Irish entertainment.


Sunday Brunch

Malcolm made a few improvements around the lot. We had the cable company come in and hook up cable and our internet. While parked on our site, we’ll have internet that is not cell based. While we are away, we’ll leave it on for some other projects Malcolm has installed.


Cable and Internet – check

Our lot has an irrigation system for the plants that a previous owner installed. It was controlled by an old and rather fragile looking RainBird controller. Malcolm looked for a newer controller at Lowes and actually found one that can be controlled and configured via the internet using an app on his phone. It was only $20 more than a standard controller, so we picked it up and got it installed.


Watering in progress

We also picked up an outdoor security camera which Malcolm mounted today. It, too, interfaces with the internet and stores 10 days worth of video in the cloud. It also sends alerts when it sees a person in any areas that you select in the frame. We excluded the street so that it wouldn’t trigger on people walking by.


Malcolm capturing a picture from the security camera.

We also finished cleaning out unwanted shelves and items from our white shed (the storage shed). On our upcoming trip, we’ll be bringing stuff back from our storage unit in Alabama and start storing it in our shed here, instead.


Ready for shelves and storage boxes

We’ll be heading out to Texas this coming week. We have a rally in Alpine, Texas (western end of the state) followed by another rally in Louisiana a couple weeks after that. In between rallies, we’ll be visiting around the Louisiana and southern Alabama areas.



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