Westward Ho

Current Location: Riverbend RV Park, Luling, Texas

Let’s see, at last count in the blog, we were getting ready to leave our lot in Florida. Today, we’re in Texas. Allow us to recount the last several days for you.

We left Florida on Sunday of this week and traveled the entire distance to Wetumpka to stay at Fort Toulouse. We ran errands there on Monday, including stopping by our storage unit and grabbing about eight totes and a shelving unit. We took those all back to the rig and packed them all into the basement of the trailer.

We will stop back through on the way back to Florida after this current trip and pick up more totes and another shelving unit. We’ll use one of our storage sheds in Florida to put them all in. We’ll eventually release the storage unit we’re renting in Alabama once we clear it out later this year.

We left Wetumpka on Wednesday, which was also our 31st wedding anniversary. Before hitching up the trailer to leave, we stopped by the local Dunkin’ Donuts to grab some breakfast.


Anniversary Breakfast

As we were driving around Montgomery, Alabama, we were passed by a pickup truck carrying a bed full of junk. An aluminum screen door laying on top of the pile blew loose and headed straight for our truck. Malcolm swerved away as much as was safe, but the screen door hit the truck and flew underneath where we ran over it with all the left-hand truck and trailer tires.

We pulled over to assess any damage. The other pickup truck slowed, but went on up the road (they were actually going to the next intersection to turn back around and come back). We didn’t see any damage and headed on up the road, giving the pickup driver a thumbs up as we passed. We didn’t find the damage until we stopped for lunch. It’s pretty minor, just scratched paint on the front bumper. We’ll get some touch-up paint and fix it later on.


Scratches on the Bumper

We stopped for the night in Biloxi, Mississippi. We took care of some laundry but otherwise just relaxed in the trailer for the evening. Malcolm took the truck around the corner and filled the fuel tank.


Our un-scenic site in Biloxi

We left Biloxi on Thursday morning and headed to Westlake, Louisiana (near Lake Charles). On the way, the truck indicated it was time for an oil change and for new fuel filters. We stopped for the evening at Whispering Meadows RV Park, where our friends Andy and Joanna Grimes are currently staying. Andy brought their two dogs – Rowdy and Kaydee – down to our site to visit until Joanna got home from work.


Malcolm’s Two Buddies

We invited Andy and Joanna to share our anniversary meal with us. They drove and picked a great restaurant for us. We had a great time.


Whispering Meadows

This morning, Malcolm headed out early to the Ford dealer to get the oil changed and fuel filters changed. They had him in and out in about an hour. He headed back to the trailer and we hitched up and rolled out by 9:00 in the morning.

Today we drove from Westlake to Luling, Texas where we are currently staying for the night. We have two more days before we arrive in Alpine, Texas where we are meeting several friends for a rally sponsored by the West Texas Chapter of the Heartland Owners Club. We’ll be there all next week.




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