Louisiana Rally

Current Location: The RV Resort at Red Shoes Park, Kinder, Louisiana

After we left the Texas rally waaaaay back in the middle of March, we headed back east to Wetumpka, Alabama. The first night, Sunday, we stayed in Junction, Texas which wasn’t a very long drive (250-ish miles). We ended up hauling the remainder of the trip (a little over 1,000 miles) in two days, stopping the Monday night in Westlake, Louisiana and rolling into Wetumpka on the Tuesday around 4:00 in the afternoon (we left Westlake at the crack of dawn).


Our site in Junction, Texas on the way back to Alabama

We spent about a week back in Wetumpka. Malcolm ran into Montgomery on Thursday morning to get his tooth fixed. We relaxed in the area for several days, attended church on Sunday morning and Malcolm got a few days’ worth of work in. We rolled back out on Tuesday, the 28th, to start heading back to Louisiana for the Heartland Owners Club Louisiana rally, staying overnight in Biloxi.


Our shady spot in Biloxi

We pulled into the RV park here in Louisiana on Wednesday just after lunch. The growing cloud cover encouraged us to get everything set up. Several other rally goers were here already and we visited with them until it started raining later in the afternoon. That rain let up, but started back up in earnest overnight. We had some thunder and lightning and a lot of rain, but nothing serious. Thursday, Friday and today have all been pleasant and warm.

On Friday morning, we all pitched in for a big breakfast. Malcolm went over to help cook bacon while Val stayed back at the rig to bake banana bread muffins and scones. We went out with friends for dinner on Friday evening before coming back to the park for an ice cream and cake meet and greet.


Gathering for Breakfast

This morning we were treated to fresh, hot beignets for breakfast. Malcolm enjoyed a couple but was having some stomach issues. He spent most of the day today inside the rig staying close to the facilities. After a nap this afternoon, he seems to be feeling a bit better. We didn’t get out and do any sight-seeing so he could relax.

We’ll all be eating dinner around 6:00 this afternoon and will visit this evening. Tomorrow, we’ll say our goodbyes and head out. We’re going just down the road to Scott, Louisiana for an overnight visit and dinner out with our friends Nick and Sheila. From there, we’ll take two or three days to drive on back to our home in Florida.


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