Back at Home

Current Location: Our RV Lot at Deer Creek RV Golf and Country Club

On Sunday afternoon, we rolled into Scott, Louisiana to the KOA there. We visited with our friends Nick and Sheila for a while, then went out to dinner, meeting Nick’s parents at the restaurant. We were helping Nick celebrate his birthday. We also gave Nick’s mother a prayer shawl since she had recently lost her father.

On Monday, we traveled from Scott to Milton, Florida and set up in the KOA there. We didn’t bother unhooking the truck on that stop. Tuesday morning, we hit the road fairly early and, making good time across I-10, decided to roll on into our lot here in Davenport. We got here late afternoon and got all set up.


Security Camera view

Once set up, we unloaded all the shelves and totes that we brought down from our storage unit in Alabama. Malcolm set them all up in the white shed. This is about 1/3rd of the stuff we had in storage. We plan on bringing more, if not all of the stuff from the storage unit down in June.


More stuff

On Wednesday morning, we drove down to the post office and picked up the mail we had held for a month while we were out traveling to Texas and Louisiana. Once back at the trailer, we went over to get the Florida license plate for the trailer. Now all our vehicles are licensed in Florida, we have Florida drivers licenses and also voting cards from Florida. We’re pretty much complete on everything.

After the post office trip, we stopped by Lowe’s and picked up some electrical items so Malcolm can start wiring up the brown shed. We bought a breaker panel, some breakers, electrical boxes, some wire and a few other assorted items.

Today we got going fairly early and headed over to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. It rained all morning and was spitting rain as we were parking the car, but the rain moved out after that. We were there primarily to see the Blue Angels do some flyovers over the Magic Kingdom.

We actually got there too late to see them fly over while we were in the park, so Malcolm took pictures while we were at the boat ramp to ride the ferry over to Magic Kingdom. They were certainly exciting to watch, even at our vantage point.


Blue Angels over Magic Kingdom

They made two passes, both from behind the Magic Kingdom towards our location across the lake. The second pass they fanned out as shown above. The first pass was a straight pass in formation.


Flying right over us

Since we were primarily there to see the Blue Angels, we decided to hop the monorail over to Epcot and walk around there for the day. They are currently having a Flower and Garden festival there and we wanted to get some pictures of the various topiary that they have (not yet uploaded). We also ate lunch at the Mexican restaurant there.

This evening, we stopped by Lowe’s again to grab a few more electrical items. We hope to have the shed all wired up before we leave in a couple weeks.


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