Home for a Bit

Current Location: Our RV Lot in Florida

We left the Bowling Green KOA on Tuesday and headed on into Wetumpka, Alabama and Fort Toulouse. The weather in Alabama was rainy for the whole 48 hours we were there. After setting up the trailer, we headed out to pick up our mail and our car from its temporary parking spot at the Milton’s house.

On Wednesday morning, Malcolm headed into Montgomery to get another crown put on his back tooth. The last one came off back when we were in Washington in May and it had cracked, so Malcolm disposed of it. The dentist indicated he would make up a new one and see if he couldn’t attach it more permanently, for no charge.

After Malcolm left the dentist, we met at our storage unit and emptied it out, loading up the truck and the car with everything that was remaining in it. Back at the trailer, we loaded most of the items from the truck into the trailer. The car remained packed front to back.


Rainy Day at the Storage Unit


The Truck is Loaded up


The Car is Full, Too

On Thursday morning, we hitched up the trailer and headed out in the dwindling rain towards Florida. Rather than trying to push the whole trip in one day, we decided to stop in Lake City at Casey Jones RV Park.

On the way down to Alabama from Indiana, the truck indicated that an oil change was due soon. On the trip from Wetumpka to Lake City, the truck changed its tune to an oil change was due NOW. Malcolm made an early morning appointment at the Ford dealer just up the road in Lake City for an oil change.

Malcolm was back from the dealer around 8:45 AM, so we hitched up and headed on to our lot in Davenport. Once the trailer was set up and both air conditioners were running, we headed out to grab some lunch. Back at home, we unloaded the items from the truck, car and trailer and stacked everything in our storage sheds.


Back Home

Malcolm worked Friday afternoon, then decided to start back to working on our brown shed. He started taping and mudding the drywall.


Getting a Start on the Drywall

On Saturday, we took care of a couple of projects we’ve been wanting to do. The main one was to fix our bed frame. We purchased a new mattress in Indiana at the rally, but noticed that the board underneath it was sagging. We replaced the factory 1/2 inch chipboard with 19/32 inch plywood. Malcolm found parts of the frame were cracked or sagging.


Cracked Frame, etc.

Malcolm shored up the frame members and shimmed areas that needed work. Then he cut and attached the plywood and re-installed the lift struts. Once the deck was complete, we started covering the plywood with cheap peel and stick tiles (makes it easier to slide the mattress out to make the bed).


Covering the Plywood

With everything back together, we found that the bed sleeps better now.


Callie Inspecting the “New” Bed

Today we headed to Home Depot and picked up plumbing supplies for the shed. Malcolm plumbed all the water supply lines for the washer, toilet, sink and hot water heater. He did not tie it into the outside water pipe yet. We’re trying to get most everything in the walls complete so he can finish insulating and drywalling the laundry/bathroom area. That may or may not be done this trip, since we’re only here a couple weeks.


Washer Water Lines Ready

Some of the work here is going slow due to the weather. On Saturday, when Malcolm was in and out of the trailer cutting plywood for the bed repair, the temperature got up to 100 degrees. With the humidity, the temperature felt like 116. Today was a little cooler, but working in the back part of the shed (uninsulated) was hot, even with the air conditioner in the front half of the shed working overtime.

Malcolm will be working during the day the coming week, so the shed chores will be done in the evenings once the temperature has cooled down a bit. The forecast for the next week is showing temperatures in the mid- to upper-80s. Hopefully, that holds out.


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