Big Trip West – Day 1

Current Location: Tifton KOA, Tifton, Georgia

Today was the official start of our big trip out west for the year. We’re heading out to Washington state by way of some stops in Kentucky. Our first stop will be in Lexington, Kentucky. Looking at the route from Orlando to Lexington, we felt three days would be best for the trip. As such, 1/3rd of the way there is approximately Tifton, Georgia.


Our empty site in Florida. The car remained there, under its new cover.

We left this morning around 8:00 AM and headed up the Florida Turnpike and picked up I-75 south of Ocala. It was a busy but uneventful drive up I-75.


On the Road

We stopped at the Georgia Welcome Center on I-75 for lunch. As we pulled in to the truck and RV section, Malcolm spied this shady spot on the end.


Shady Lunch Spot

After lunch, we headed on up the road for about another hour to Tifton, Georgia. We checked into the Tifton KOA, set up the trailer and cranked on both air conditioners (temperature was around 96 degrees outside).


Tifton KOA – Site 44

Malcolm worked for a while after we got set up and while the trailer was cooling down. When we checked in, the lady at the desk mentioned that their walking trail wound around pastures with horses and cows. Of course, Malcolm’s ears perked up at the mention of animals, so he wandered out later in the afternoon for a short visit.


A Couple of Malcolm’s new friends

We decided to try out the pizza place for dinner that was recommended by the front desk staff. The food was delicious. We also filled up the truck with fuel while we were out. Back at the trailer, Val loaded up the washer with a load of laundry. When we get to Lexington, we won’t have a sewer hookup (Kentucky Horse Park) for eight days, so we’re getting our heavy water usage in before we get there.


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