The Rest of our Time at Home

Here’s a wrap-up of our past couple of weeks at our RV lot in Florida. This post won’t have a lot of pictures since our resident photographer – Malcolm – decided to take his phone swimming last weekend. The phone died along with all the pictures on it.

The last week of June, Malcolm worked most of the day and Val worked on various sewing projects. Malcolm also knocked a few trailer maintenance things off his list. One thing we did was to remove the two small, built-in side tables from the back of the trailer (where the couch used to be). That freed up another foot of space from side to side, which makes a big difference in move-around room.

Also in the past couple weeks, Malcolm decided that his desk was a bit redundant with the pull-out desk/drawer that he built, the recliner and the dining room table (any of which can be used as working spaces. We ended up moving his desk and desk chair out of the trailer and into one of our storage sheds.

Malcolm worked on taping and mudding the drywall in the brown shed. He would go out and do a little here and a little there. The living area is about 40% done at this point. Even with the air conditioner in there, it was getting fairly warm and there’s only so much you can do each day, so it will be a work in progress when we get back in the fall.

This past week, we’ve enjoyed several holiday-related events. On Sunday, our neighborhood had a pool party in the afternoon. We went and met some of our neighbors and snacked on various items that people brought. Malcolm went swimming (with phone in pocket).

On Monday, we headed over to Disney’s Magic Kingdom to catch their 4th of July fireworks program. On the way there, we managed to score dinner reservations at the Be Our Guest restaurant. The fireworks were top notch, as usual. We ended up getting home rather late.


Magic Kingdom 4th of July Fireworks

On Tuesday, the 4th, we had another get-together, this time for all the residents of our entire RV community (not just our neighborhood). They had giveaways and provided hot dogs and hamburgers. Everyone pitched in sides and desserts. It was fun meeting even more folks in the community. During the giveaway, we won a pass for four people to play golf at our golf course. We’ll see about using that this fall.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we did final cleanup and trip preparations for our big summer trip up north and out west. We organized what was in the trailer (we find we are actually carrying less with us now that we can leave it in Florida and get to it more frequently) and made sure the shed contents were secure and organized.

This morning, Friday, we headed out for our trip. Malcolm will follow up with another blog post for Friday and promises to post more frequently (if not every day) while we are traveling.



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