Big Trip West – Days 3 and 4

Current Location: Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Lexington, Kentucky

On Sunday, we rolled out of Chattanooga around 8:30 in the morning and headed on up I-75. It was a little foggy for the first part of our trip, but nothing bad. Traffic was busy as usual on a summer Sunday on I-75. We hit a bit of construction traffic here and there, but nothing too bad. We stopped for lunch at the Kentucky Welcome Center, which was fairly crowded. We did find a nice spot off the side of the truck and RV area with a bit of shade.


Shady Lunch Spot

We rolled into the Kentucky Horse Park campground around 3:00 and got checked in. As we were finishing backing into our site, which sits on a corner, another Heartland RV pulled around the corner to turn into the other side of the campground. They tooted their horn as they went by. We didn’t see who it was, but noticed that they had an owners club plate on the back of their rig.


Our corner site with the big yard (just lacks shade)

After we got set up and ate dinner, we went for a walk to see who the mystery folks were. It was Glen and Fran Schaff from New Jersey. They had just finished their dinner and came out to sit and chat with us for a couple hours. It was fun catching up with them. They had plans to visit the Horse Park on Monday and Old Friends on Tuesday. We agreed to take them out to dinner Monday evening and show them around a bit.

Today, Malcolm worked all day and Val worked on some sewing projects. We called the Schaffs to see if dinner was still on and they said they’d walk over since we offered to drive. We took them to Ramsey’s for some good Kentucky cooking. Ramsey’s makes about the best Hot Brown we’ve had in the area and Glen tried one. We also had the server bring out an Ale 8 soft drink for the Schaffs to try. Might as well get all the Kentucky in.


Ale 8 and a Hot Brown – Winning Combination

After dinner, the Schaffs sat around outside our rig and chatted with us until it got dark and late. They’ll be doing the tourist stuff again tomorrow and Malcolm will be working, but we promised to catch up later in the day to see what was going on.


Dinner at Ramsey’s


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