Big Trip West – Days 5 through 7

Current Location: Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Lexington, Kentucky

On Tuesday, Malcolm worked all day again and Val worked part of the day sewing handbags. The Schaffs dropped by after they were done sightseeing to check if we wanted to head out to dinner again and we said yes. We took some time on Tuesday morning to run to the grocery store and to stock up on liquor for ourselves and others out west.


Shopping Complete

We took the Schaffs down to Joe Bologna’s for some pizza and breadsticks. We all enjoyed the food very much. On the way back home, we drove up to Georgetown to check Tractor Supply for the canned cat food our cat likes that neither Kroger nor WalMart had on the shelf. Back at the campground, we visited for a while at the Shaff’s trailer since they were leaving Wednesday morning.

Wednesday was more of the same – Malcolm worked all day and Val worked on sewing projects. After dinner at the trailer, we decided to get out and went to Bruster’s for ice cream treats. Once back from ice cream, Malcolm used his wash and wax kit to clean the truck and make it shiny.



Today Malcolm worked, but we went out to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. Afterwards, we wandered through Goodwill, then stopped by Kroger for milk and juice and to put our fuel points up high enough to get 10 cents a gallon off of fuel. We took advantage of that savings and filled up the truck.

This afternoon, Val did laundry at the campground laundromat (to conserve gray water in the trailer since we don’t have hookups). Afterwards, she walked over to the office to ask about shuttle service to the park the next couple days. While there to pick Val up, Malcolm found a bottle opener to hang on the refrigerator.


New bottle opener

Malcolm worked the rest of the afternoon, then fired up the grill for dinner. Burgers and dogs were the meal of the day. We sat around outside and enjoyed the warm, but pleasant weather for a while until the mosquitoes found us.

Tomorrow, we’re heading over to the Horse Park to attend Breyerfest (click link to find out more, or wait for a day or two and check the blog again).


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