Big Trip – Days 8 to 10

Current Location: Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Lexington, Kentucky

On Friday, we headed over to the Horse Park to walk around Breyerfest. It’s a very busy and interesting event. It is put on by the Breyer Model Horse Company every year in mid-July at the Horse Park. Model horse collectors come from all over the country (and probably some from other parts of the world) to buy, sell and trade model horses and accessories.


We primarily come to see the real horses and to wander around the Horse Park exhibits (included in admission). There are several vendors of horse-related products (both real horses and model horses). We thought these fairly elaborate model horse barns were pretty cool.


We also come specifically to visit our friend Patrick the Miniature Horse. When we were grocery shopping earlier in the week, we picked up a bunch of carrots for him.


All through Breyerfest, there are various horse breed demonstrations in the main arena. Patrick and his owner, Sarah, perform various tricks and jumps during the miniature horse demonstration, dressed up in costume.


Aside from visiting Patrick, we also wandered around the Horse Park to see some of the other things going on there. We wandered through the “big barn” and caught a short demonstration on how they put the harnesses on the big draft horses.


We also visited the exhibit celebrating the 100th birthday of the famous race horse Man O’ War. It was an interesting exhibit.


On Friday evening, we went to the big horse show that Breyerfest puts on. It was fun. There were many different displays of horsemanship.


We also wandered around Breyerfest and the Horse Park for part of the day on Saturday. On Saturday afternoon, we headed to downtown Lexington to meet our niece, Jasmine, at Carson’s Food & Drink for dinner and a birthday gift handoff. The food was pretty good (a bit over-flavored) and the atmosphere was pretty neat with various paintings on the interior brick walls.


On Sunday, we headed down to Nicholasville to attend church with Malcolm’s Aunt Margaret and Uncle Jerry. After church, we had lunch and visited with them at their home for a while. Malcolm was having allergy and sinus headaches all day, so we ended up heading back to the trailer mid-afternoon so he could treat those symptoms and relax.

As we expected when we got back to the trailer Sunday afternoon, the campground had nearly cleared out from being full all weekend.


As this post is being written, it is Monday morning and we’re in the process of packing up the trailer to move. We’ll catch you up again in a day or two once we get settled in.




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