Throwed Rolls

Location: Hinton RV Park, Sikeston, Missouri

Dates: July 26 to 27, 2017

We left Kentucky for Missouri on our trip westward. We picked Sikeston not only for the distance from our last stop, but also because it is the home to the original Lambert’s Cafe, billed as the “home of throwed rolls”. We pulled into the Hinton RV Park, which is only a mile or so from Lamberts and got all set up.


After relaxing in the rig for a bit, we headed on down the street to Lambert’s for a very filling dinner.


Lambert’s Cafe

The “throwed rolls” part comes in when someone brings out a cart of huge yeast rolls from the kitchen. That person will stand at the end of the dining room and throw rolls to people that raise their hands. If you miss, just grab the next one that flies by. Of course, you can ask that they just bring you a roll or go get one on your own in case your catching skills may be lacking.


Sample roll (not throwed)

Malcolm took a whole box of leftovers with him (Val ordered a little lighter meal). While you are eating, people come around and offer you “pass arounds” – which are additional side items such as fried potatoes and onions, black-eyed peas, macaroni and tomatoes and fried okra.

After dinner, we relaxed in the trailer for the rest of the evening. Malcolm got in a little work, as well.


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