Montana Stop 1 of 3

Location: Hardin KOA, Hardin, Montana

Dates: Aug. 3 to 4, 2017

We left Wyoming and made the drive up to Hardin, Montana. This is our first of three stops in Montana. Considering that we have six days to make the drive on into Washington and we’re only two long or three short days away, we’ll start slowing it back a little, but after today.

Most of Montana is under a pretty bad drought and, subsequently, is under a lot of burn restrictions. The campground noted that their burn restriction is at a high enough level that they can’t run gas-powered lawn equipment. Accordingly, the place was a little overgrown looking, but they’ve done the best they can. This was just another overnight for us, anyway.


The back of our trailer was facing directly west, which is why Malcolm took a picture of the site from the rear. The red roofing is a lean-to that shades the picnic table for the site. It also helps with wind control to some extent.

The only “sightseeing” was Malcolm driving down the road to fill up the truck at the fairly new Loves’ truck stop. Otherwise, we just relaxed.



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