A Few Days at the Lake

Location: Lake Chelan State Park, Chelan, Washington

Dates: Aug. 9 to 13, 2017

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon right at check-in time (2:30 PM), breezed through the check-in process and arrived at our site. Right after backing in, Elizabeth and the girls came up to give everyone hugs and watch as we got the trailer set up.


After getting settled in, Malcolm headed down to the lake with Cole and the girls to do some floating and swimming in the lake. We grilled hot dogs for dinner and ate at the picnic table outside of the trailer.


Scarlet and Violet (petting the cat)

On Thursday, we took Elizabeth downtown to do a little shopping. Malcolm went to the variety store to get an outdoor hat safe to wear in the lake as well as a float to use on the lake (we have one we purchased here a couple years ago but we think it got left in a tote down in Florida). Meanwhile, Val and Elizabeth did some shopping at the yarn and fabric stores. We ended the downtown trip by stopping in to the antique shop. Malcolm tried his new float out on the lake with the girls and Cole later in the afternoon.


Violet (middle) and Scarlet (right) at the lake with a new friend

We pulled out the Jiffy Pop popcorn and popped up a treat on Thursday evening. The second batch came out a lot better than the first (which burnt a bit).


Friday was more swimming and floating in the lake. We also ran back into town to grab a couple items from the antique store that we hadn’t picked up the day before. We all drove into town on Friday afternoon. Elizabeth, Cole and the girls stopped by on the way in to visit some friends staying at the hotel downtown. We met them at the Apple Cup Restaurant for dinner. After dinner, we stopped in downtown Chelan and had an ice cream treat. Violet had the licorice ice cream.


Nothing like some black ice cream

On Saturday, we did more floating and swimming on the lake. In the morning, Elizabeth and Cole ran into town and had lunch while they were there. The rest of us had lunch at the trailer. On Saturday evening, we walked across the street from the park to Watson’s Alpenhorn Restaurant. We had dinner there and played a round of mini golf on their course.


Cole and Elizabeth golfing


Val and Violet golfing

On Sunday, we all packed up our stuff. We watched the girls while Cole and Elizabeth packed up all their camping gear (they were tent camping). Once everyone was packed and ready, we took Scarlet with us in the truck and we all headed west.


Scarlet riding in the truck

We stopped at Cle Elum for lunch (about halfway home) and switched passengers in the truck, taking Violet on to Puyallup with us to our next stop at the Washington State Fairgrounds.


Violet riding in the truck

Fortunately, our tires and wheels held out the rest of the trip to Puyallup. We’ll work on getting a replacement wheel on the way since we’ll be stationary for a couple weeks.


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