Settling In At Home

Location: Our RV Lot at Deer Creek RV Golf and Country Club

Dates: Sept. 20 to 24, 2017

We’ve been back home for several days now. Time for an update. Might be boring, so hold on.

On Wednesday, Malcolm took the pressure washer and cleaned down the entrance end of our lot. It had collected quite a bit of black. Being close to US 27 and a traffic signal, we get a lot of tire and brake dust settling on our lot. The pressure washer got quite a workout all week, as you’ll see.

With the front part of the lot cleaned, we moved the truck back into its spot and put the car out front of the trailer where we normally keep it. Malcolm also managed to get some regular work in during the day. We had dinner at Tijuana Flats and did some shopping at Target. Malcolm got the fire pit out and hooked it up. He toasted a few marshmallows.


On Thursday, Malcolm got the big broom out and cleaned all the dirt and sand off the road in front of our driveway that he had sprayed off the day before. Our 50 amp breaker kicked off at the pedestal – a problem we had earlier in the summer when we were here. Malcolm replaced it early in the morning with a new one and it seems to run better. The old one was probably pretty tired.

We also went to the post office to pick up any remaining mail we might have had sitting there after having it forwarded and held while we were away. Back at the trailer, Malcolm got some regular work done while Val went to Joann Fabrics to pick up some items for a couple projects.

We had lunch at the pizza place nearby. Malcolm also cleaned half of the outside of the trailer in the afternoon after the sun was off of it.

On Friday morning, Malcolm finished cleaning the outside of the trailer by tackling the other side early in the day before the sun got to it. Malcolm also got some work in until about lunch time while Val worked on some sewing projects. After we ate lunch at the trailer, we headed over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios park for the rest of the day.


We did a little shopping and Malcolm got in a couple rides on the Rockin’ Roller Coaster and one ride on the Hollywood Tower of Terror.


A thunderstorm was rolling in when Malcolm was heading to the Tower ride, which seemed pretty appropriate. After a couple rides and waiting out the subsequent rain storm, we walked around a bit more waiting for our dinner reservation at the 50’s Diner.

After dinner, we decided to head out from the park and drive over to Disney Springs and do some walking around for a while.

Saturday was shopping day in the morning. We stopped by Home Depot, Costco, Target and Publix supermarket. While out shopping, we had lunch at BJ’s Brewhouse. Back home, we put up the shelves we bought at Home Depot and put our remaining totes on them out in the storage shed and generally organized things in there.

Malcolm pressure washed the wall along the side of our lot. Over time, the greyish colored blocks had turned nearly black with the same junk that lands on the other concrete surfaces. He also cleaned up the grass and rocks down that side. It looks much better now.


On Sunday, Malcolm did some more pressure washing. He also got back onto doing the drywall in the brown shed. It was just a couple seams, but a little a day will have it done in no time. We also cleaned up around the rest of the property, finally emptying out three big planters that only had dirt (and weeds) in them and taking them to the nearby thrift store.

We brought some Taco Bell home for lunch, then made a trip to Lowe’s for a few items. Once back home, Malcolm finished cleaning up around the back end of the property, including removing the scraggly and mostly dead bushes past the back wall of the lot.


He also cleaned up the “grass” in the back and straightened up after having removed the planters behind the white shed. The whole back yard looks nicer now.


This next week will be more or less some of the same things. Malcolm plans on getting in a week’s worth of work and there are a few small cleanup items to take care of outside (but not much).







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