It’s Been a While

Location: Our RV Lot at Deer Creek RV Golf and Country Club

Dates: Sept. 25 to Oct. 5, 2017

It has been a while since our last post. As you see, we’re still at “home” here in Florida. With that has come a lot of normal everyday activity (i.e. work for Malcolm, projects for Val). Here are a few non-work/project highlights from the last 11 days.

Most of the remainder of September was spent in taking care of normal maintenance items around the trailer and our lot. Not much to report there. The living portion of our brown shed is moving along slowly, with Malcolm popping out there once a day and working a little more on either taping or sanding drywall seams. The sanding, especially, gets tiring pretty quick. Doing it gradually helps with that tedium.

One item that did get attention was the RV Lock on our trailer door. The keypad had developed cracks over time (it is 3+ years old). Fortunately, a replacement keypad is available from the manufacturer for just a few dollars. Malcolm replaced it.


We love our RV Lock so much that we finally decided to order their version for our two main storage bay doors. We also ordered a universal remote for inside the trailer. With that, we can unlock or lock either compartment door or the main door. Another button allows us to lock or unlock all three at the same time. Should be handy on travel days.


Laying out the parts

Our door side compartment door has two handles. We opted to only install one keypad handle and one manual handle on that side instead of two keypad handles. Normally, we’ll leave the non-keypad handle unlocked unless we want to be more secure, then we can lock it with a key.


Keypad handle installed

Malcolm worked a full 40-hour week the last week of September. His re-scheduled jury duty call was for October 2, so he wanted to get in as much work as possible before potentially being busy with jury duty.

Also, over the weekend, we went to Epcot on Sunday, October 1st. Epcot was celebrating its 35th birthday. They were handing out various swag, including these cool buttons.


There were long lines in some parts of the park to buy special 35th birthday shirts and other items. Val had ordered us some shirts for the event online (they didn’t arrive until after our visit) so we didn’t stand in any of those lines.


We did sample some of the food for the food and wine festival. They set up kiosks around Epcot to sell samples of food from different countries or regions. We just grazed several of those kiosks for lunch. For usually about $4 to $5, you got a fairly healthy sample of some regional specialty. They also had beers, wines and mixed drinks available.


We bought a pair of spiffy little trays to carry your food and drink around with. They’ll come in handy at RV rallies when they’re serving finger foods at get-togethers.

On Monday, October 2, Malcolm headed to the county courthouse to report for jury duty. Malcolm worked at home on Tuesday since he didn’t have to head to the courthouse. He reported again on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday was a day off, so the remaining potential jurors will report again on Monday, October 7 to continue the process.



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