Thanksgiving Visit

Location: Pineglen RV Park, Panama City Beach, Florida

Dates: Nov. 16 to 26, 2017

On Friday, November 17th, we met David at the Tyndall Air Force Base visitor center parking lot where he jumped in the truck with us. We drove onto the base and parked near where he works. We enjoyed the squadron Thanksgiving luncheon in the building where he works and saw a lot of his co-workers and their families. There was lots of great food. We dropped David off at his car so he could go back to work and we headed back home.

On Saturday, the 18th, David and his friends were heading out of town to an Airsoft gun tournament. We hung around the trailer and did some light shopping to pass the time. On Sunday, we met David for lunch and spent the afternoon with him.

On Monday, we headed out at lunchtime to meet David and some of his co-workers and families for lunch at Red Robin. After lunch, Malcolm, David and the guys went to the theater to watch a movie (Thor). The girls and kids went shopping at Pier Park. After the movie we all drove to a restaurant and had dinner together.


David with his buddy Patrick at dinner

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Malcolm worked most of the day. On Wednesday afternoon, we went grocery shopping with David and sent all the food home with him so we could cook at his house on Thanksgiving.


Relaxing with David and his roomate’s dog, Mater

On Thursday, we had 20+ airmen and families over to David’s house for Thanksgiving meal. We purchased the meat and everyone else pitched something in. Most of the guests played games the rest of the evening. We left later in the evening after helping clean up.


Most of the crew at Thanksgiving dinner


Thanksgiving Spread

David was off work Friday, so we went out to the base to find a place to take our annual Christmas picture. While we were on base, we stopped by the Base Exchange and Malcolm ended up buying himself an early Christmas present – an Xbox.


We stopped at David’s house to set it up and download the game that it came with. We ended up leaving it overnight since the downloads were taking quite a while.


Random picture of David’s cat – Maui

On Saturday, David came over, bringing the Xbox and a couple other items we had left at his house. He and Malcolm set up the Xbox, then Val and David made buckeyes (peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate) for David to take to work with him on Monday.  Malcolm and David played Xbox for a while after we went out to dinner.

David headed home after we said goodbyes and we got the trailer ready for travel. We wanted to get an early start on Sunday traveling back to our home base. On Sunday morning, we rolled out at around 6:30 AM central time. It was a good thing we started early (for a 400 mile drive) as traffic on I-75 was crazy with all the holiday travelers (in both directions).


I-75 south near Ocala

Location: Our RV Lot at Deer Creek RV Golf and Country Club

Dates: Nov. 26, 2017

We finally got home around 3:30 or so and got set up just enough to be able to relax the rest of the evening.


Back home in time for sunset

Our trailer will be here into mid-January. We’ll be out for a couple trips in December (Nashville and Seattle), but will be flying.



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