Daily Life – Early December

Location: Our RV Lot at Deer Creek RV Golf and Country Club

Dates: Nov. 27 – Dec. 9, 2017

The last couple weeks have been generally spent with Malcolm working during the day and Val working on various craft projects. Just daily life as usual. We finished all our holiday shopping and just this past week mailed everything out, including several boxes of stuff to our daughter’s house in Washington state (where we will be during Christmas and New Year’s holidays).

Before we left for Thanksgiving, we had ordered some items for our golf cart, including a full light and horn kit and a nice side curtain enclosure for it. Malcolm installed the light kit just before Thanksgiving and the enclosure arrived right after we got back into town, so we installed that once we were back. Malcolm also got a 12V converter for the cart to run the light kit with and installed it.


Now we’re all “high falutin'”. Though not required to be able to drive the cart around the neighborhood or the street along the shopping center out front, the light kit will be nice. It includes brake lights and turn signals to help with signaling intentions.

We have decorated up the inside of our RV with our small Christmas tree and a few other trappings. While taking trash to the dumpster one evening, Malcolm found this older three candle light set someone had discarded, bulbs and all. It works fine. We don’t leave it running while we’re away, though, since it has regular incandescent bulbs which get a bit warm.


On December 1st, we went over to Disney’s Magic Kingdom to spend the evening there for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Similar to the halloween party we attended back in October, this party was a separate paid event. We ate an early dinner mid-afternoon and stayed around until about 10:00 or so in the evening.


Christmas Tree on Main Street


Christmas Couple


The Castle at Sunset

The place really comes alive after dark. Disney has spared no expense in Christmas lights. Cinderella’s castle, in particular, is draped with literally tens of thousands of lights.


The Train Station


Cinderella’s Castle at Night

We stayed long enough to see the fireworks show, which was typical Disney spectacular.


The Finale

We did head over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios one afternoon, ate dinner there and took in some of their holiday decorations. They have a huge tree all decorated up there. You feel more like you are in California with all the palms and the art deco buildings.


Christmas Tree at Hollywood Studios

Nighttime was more fun. This year, they’ve started projecting images on the Hollywood Tower Hotel building (the Tower of Terror ride). We watched it cycle through its various themes and grabbed several pictures. Here is the “Toy Story” theme.


The Hollywood Tower, er, Toy Hotel

We have all our Christmas cards printed up. We have yet to mail them out. Probably will do that this weekend and drop them at the post office on Monday. We have received a couple cards so far (from people that have our Florida address, at least).


Today, the temperature has dropped all day. At midnight last night, the temperature was still in the 70’s. By mid-day, it was in the low 50’s. This evening it is in the 40’s with an expected low of around 38. Same for tomorrow night. These temperatures are from the same front that dropped snow all across the South the last couple of days. We’ve turned on the fireplace and dug out a space heater for the bedroom.


The Fireplace Keeping the Place Warm

A little more of the same the first part of this week. We’re flying up to Nashville on Friday to attend Malcolm’s company’s Christmas party, returning the following Monday. Later that week, we’ll fly up to Seattle for Christmas. We’re still working on finding someone to watch Callie while we are away. We miss our Alabama cat-sitters.


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