Back to Work

Location: Our RV Lot at Deer Creek RV Golf and Country Club

Dates: Jan. 1 – 14, 2018

Once we got back home from visiting out in Washington, it was back to work in more ways than one. Of course, Malcolm was back to work (in the trailer, of course) for his employer. He also got back to work on our shed, working hard to finish our conversion. First up was getting all the drywall finished in the front living section.


Drywall almost complete (a little bit of ceiling work to go)

Once the drywall was complete, it was time for paint. We decided on a light, neutral beige for the walls and ceiling (ceiling not yet painted in the pictures). The ceiling paint was mixed with a light, sand-type texture.


Time to Paint


Paint complete and wall plates re-installed


More completed walls

With the walls painted, it was time to trim out the windows.


Window trim complete


More window trim and the “closet”

With the walls, ceiling and trim pretty much complete in the front room, it was time to move everything out of the back room so work could continue back there. Malcolm started on the drain plumbing for the washer and the sink that will be back there.


Plumbing moving forward

We also picked up flooring for the shed (vinyl wood laminate). While shopping for the flooring, we talked to the helpful associate at Lowes and explained to him about our current plywood floor and the fact that there was a fairly bad high spot in the back, right in the middle of the back room. He suggested using a leveling filler, so we bought some of that.

The first step was sealing all of the places that the filler might flow around the perimeter and the joints between floor boards. Malcolm also removed the sewer cover and screwed down a piece of plywood, marking the center and where to cut through it later on to mount the toilet base.


Floor ready to level

With everything ready, Malcolm rolled on the required sealer/primer for the leveling work. He did that on Saturday morning (Jan. 13) before we headed to breakfast at the clubhouse for our neighborhood.


Primer applied

After lunch the same day, it was time to mix up the leveling compound. We used three 50 lb. bags. The leveling compound is essentially a really thin, runny cement.



With the stuff mixed up, you just pour it on the flooring and let it seek it’s own level (it doesn’t hurt to take a big trowel, or in Malcolm’s case, a small board, and push it around to cover everything).


Partially poured


All done. Now time to dry.

The flooring will have plenty of time to set, as you’ll see shortly.

We tried a couple different new restaurants the last couple weeks. The first one is literally new as we ate there the second day they were open. The Edison is over in Disney Springs and is a mix of 1920’s industrial and nightclub.


The Edison – “Smokestack”

The restaurant theme was taken from The Edison in Los Angeles. We ate downstairs in the “speakeasy”.


The Speakeasy downstairs at The Edison

Another place we ate that was new to us is a British restaurant near our home. The Proper Pie Company had excellent pastry pies – Val had the Chicken and Broccoli one – and excellent fish and chips (which Malcolm had).


Pie and Chips


Fish and Chips (and slaw)

As mentioned earlier, the leveling compound in our shed will have a full week to dry since we left on our first trip of the year today (Sunday the 14th). Even though we live just 17 miles from Disney World, we were going to miss our annual Disney trip to Fort Wilderness Campground. So, we decided to keep with tradition and spend a week in January over there.

On Saturday afternoon, Malcolm took our car and picked up a small trailer at U-Haul to take our golf cart with us. On Sunday, at noon, we hooked up the trailer to the truck and headed out on our 30 minute trip to Fort Wilderness campground.

Location: Fort Wilderness Campground, Orlando, Florida

Dates: Jan. 14, 2018

Once we got to Fort Wilderness, Val took the car, trailer and golf cart and parked it in the overflow lot and walked over to meet Malcolm at the RV check-in. We took the RV back and got it set up on site. We drove the truck up front, grabbed the car and took it back to the site to drop off the golf cart.


Moved in at Fort Wilderness

Malcolm took the car and dropped the trailer off at U-Haul, then met Val at our RV lot. We left the car there and drove the truck back to the campground. This evening we had dinner at Trail’s End restaurant at the back of the campground.


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