Visit With Friends in Alabama

July 4 to 7 – Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

We ended up leaving a day earlier than expected and headed north on July 4th. We drove almost 500 miles to land in our old hometown of Wetumpka, Alabama. We had one of our favorite spots reserved for us at Fort Toulouse by the staff, who also indicated we didn’t owe anything for the stay (I think we last left with a few nights prepaid from our last monthly stay).


Our Shady Spot

On Friday the 5th, we hit a couple of the local antique and flea markets before picking up pizzas and taking them over to our friends, the Miltons, for lunch. Val helped sort out extra yarn from the prayer shawl ministry while Malcolm kept the Miltons’ grandson, Jay, entertained.


Checking out Malcolm’s Watch

We had dinner with the Miltons (grilled chicken, etc.) and visited into the evening before heading back to the trailer for the night.

On Saturday, we headed back over to the Miltons so that Malcolm could take pictures of their grandchildren. They fed us lunch and we visited until mid-afternoon (naptimes) before heading back to the trailer.

We went to San Marcos, our favorite local Mexican restaurant, for dinner then filled up the truck with fuel, grabbed some cash from the credit union (that we still bank with) and headed back to the trailer to start packing everything down for our continuing trip on Sunday.



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