A Long Trip to Washington

July 13 to 14, 2019 – Sprague Lake Resort Campground, Sprague, Washington

As mentioned yesterday, our stop in the Idaho panhandle didn’t pan out, nor did a stop in the Spokane, Washington area. We ended up about 35 miles west of Spokane at this little campground at the east end of Sprague Lake.


Our Lakefront Property

The campground is small and is run by one lady that lives in a house on the grounds. She met us at the front as we pulled in and walked us around to choose our site. When we arrived, there were two other RVs here. She decided we should have the corner spot since the way our RV would angle in, we would have a good view of the lake not only from our back window, but the door side windows as well.


The only downside to the place (aside from the cost of $50 a night) was the smell of goose poop. There were approximately 100 Canadian Geese roaming around on the adjacent property and have obviously been hanging around the campground at different times. Fortunately, it was a breezy day, so the smell was carried away pretty well – well enough to sit outside and enjoy the afternoon.


Today’s trip was 468 miles – about 120 miles further than we planned for today. However, tomorrow is our last travel day and we now have 120 miles less to travel on to our destination in Gig Harbor, Washington.




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